Fight The Fade

Ever wonder why permanent colour fades out of your hair? Ok, here is the basic scientific explanation....The outside of your hair known as the cuticle is made up of what resembles fish scales. When you have a permanent colour the chemical reaction between the colour and the peroxide mixed together open the cuticle up. This allows the colour to penetrate and be locked inside the hair when the colour is rinsed and conditioner is used. Repetitive application of permanent colour to the ends of your hair, opens and closes the cuticle over and over again, however, each time this happens the cuticle never quite closes as tight as the last.
A semi permanent colour doesn't open the cuticle, it wedges itself in between the scales, this is why At Liquid Hair we choose to colour balance the ends of your hair with a semi permanent colour, rather than repetitively opening and closing the hair. then we can ensure that the surface of the hair stays as smooth as possible promoting healthier hair that has an incredible shine. In a nut shell, the tighter you keep the cuticle of your hair shut, the longer the colour will last and the shinier your hair will look.
There are also other factors that contribute to the fade factor, another worth mentioning is the actual size of the colour pigments. Black is the largest of the colour molecules and red is the smallest, this is why when you've had black you find it hard to go back! And of course the opposite with red hair, it is the quickest to slip out in between those fish scales that are not closed right up.
What can we do about this problem? Well for a start, every colour at Liquid Hair receives a complimentary Vivecap treatment (it's the little bottle we shake into your hair after rinsing the colour) this insures we, in the salon, keep your hair in optimum condition.
We also use Goldwell hair colour because it has a very low amount of ammonia, which is the ingredient int the colour that makes the cuticle open, thus ensuring that we are minimally altering the outside of the hair.
We also recommend the use of KMS colour vitality, a home maintenance program which protects your hair in between visits to the salon from outside influences, such as shampooing, sun exposure, blowdrying and even just combing and brushing.
But you still may ask the question, "why do my ends fade more than the roots." This is purely for the same reason, the cuticle at the ends of your hair is open a lot wider than the cuticle of your hair near the roots where it has a lot less damage. The quick fix to tis are the Revlon colour balls, These groovy looking balls are an intense shot of temporary colour mixed with a three-minute conditioning treatment. Colour balls are a great way of keeping your colour fresh right up until your nest appointment.

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