Free Skin Scanner Analysis Sessions

During June and July Liquid Hair is offering FREE skin scanner analysis sessions with our Dermalogica Skin experts.

The skin scanner or Woods Lamp  is a diagnostic test in which the skin is examined while exposed to the black light. Black light is invisible to the naked eye because it is in the ultraviolet spectrum, with wavelength just shorter than the colour violet.

Your skin specialist will be able to diagnose areas of concern such as

  • dryness
  • dehydration
  • oiliness
  • increase in pigmentation
  • loss of pigmentation
  • ageing skin

You'll be prescribed with some FREE samples to take home and try too.

The skin scan takes about 15 minutes - you can have it while your colour is processing or after your waxing or other beauty appointment!

*The black light emitted by a Wood lamp is harmless. The lamp does not emit short wavength ultraviolet B radiation (290–320 nm) so it does not cause sunburn or otherwise damage normal skin
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