Active Resurface 35

Reveal your most luminous complexion with this 45 minute maximum strength professional  skin resurfacing treatment. Designed to stimulate cell renewal Active Resurface 35 helps treat skincare concerns including premature aging, pigmentation, dullness and sun damage with visible results after one treatment.

The Active Resurface 35 is customised to a level that suits your skin type and skin health

Power Active Option provides powerful results to your skin texture and tone
Intensive Active Option achieve intense visible results with this active blend
Ultimate Active Option experience the height of professional exfoliation

For optimum results, a course of six treatments is recommended but due to the intensity an interval of one week is advised between appointments.

45 min Treatment $100

Why is exfoliation so important?

From breakout prone and ageing skin to hyper pigmented and dry, dehydrated skin, exfoliation can offer improvements for all skin conditions. Effective exfoliation will stimulate cell turnover rates helping to reduce the signs of skin ageing, improve skins texture, remove clogging skin cells and brighten skin.
The skin produces about 36 million new skin cells a day, the old cells on the surface harden, loose moisture then eventually detach. This process referred to as ‘cell turnover’ benefits the skin by removing damaged contaminated cells that carry pollutants and micro-organisms from the environment.

Skin cells that don’t effectively fall away from the skins surface may cause clogging and congestion while leaving the skin’s surface dry and dull-looking. These dulling skin cells which can often form a barricade and will prevent the penetration of other skin care ingredients. As a result exfoliation is critical for revealing newer skin cells for fresher looking, healthy skin.