Hair cuts

At Liquid Hair, hairdressers in Adelaide CBD haircuts are relaxed modern and uncomplicated. Whilst haircutting shapes vary, the look is achieved with consistency in approach, Hairstyles are cut wet to dry with an emphasis on dry hair cutting in the finish.

Complimentary consultations with expert Hairstylist are available at Liquid Hair to discuss hair cut ideas that would suit your face shape. Please call customer service to book a time  on 82319185.

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Picture of hairstyles- long, short, curly or wavy are available in our Gallery

Pricing is as follows


Director          $100
Senior Stylist      $90
Stylist          $78
Junior Stylist      $66


Directional Cut

A Directional mens haircut is when the  hair stylist spends a little more time in the consultation of the haircut and then adds a relaxing head massage to this cleansing experience.


Barber style
Barber style is a more streamline service where the hair  stylist uses basic barbering principals and add a liquid twist.


1-5      $42
6-12      $54
13-16      $66

Student discount does not apply to barber style or childrens haircuts