Directional Haircut
A custom cut just for you! An expert stylist will
spend some time in consultation this service includes a relaxing scalp massage.

Barbers Style Haircut
Barber style is a more streamline service where the stylist uses basic barbering techniques  and adds a liquid twist.

Reshade Mens Colour Service
Got  5 mins? Want to blend away the grey without drawring attention? Ask about our reshade service.

Thermal Touch For The Scalp
At this very moment you’re storing the days stress in you scalp. Release tension while infusing skin and hair with oceanic minerals and essential nourishment vital to skin health. This aroma therapeutic and nourishing treatment is complemented by a brief hand massage to completely rid the body of stress
30 minutes $50

Men's Hand Detail
Includes hand exfoliation and massage. Cuticle removal, nail reshaping and Multivitamin treatment hand cream.
30 minutes $40

Men’s Foot Detail
Includes Skin exfoliation . Cuticle removal, Nail trimming and
reshaping followed by a relaxing massage and multivitamin
hydrating crème.
40 minutes $55

The Dermalogica Facial
Your Dermalogica facial will be customised to your skins specific needs and target your problem areas. After a thorough skin analysis through Face Mapping, your skin care therapist will recommend specific targeted treatments for you.
1 hour treatment $90

Mens Skin Fitness MicroZone
This treatment helps accelerate skin recovery from current damage, such as irritation, redness and ingrown hairs while treating your specific skin condition. A targeted treatment for Instant maximum results in a minimum amount of time.
20 minutes $36


Back Wax from $54
Neck Wax $36.00
Chest Wax from $54.00
Full Leg Wax $72.00
½ Leg Wax $48.00
Fore Arm Wax $36.00
Full Arm Wax $50.00
Under Arm Wax $26.00
Shoulder $26.00
Eye Brow $24.00


A Swedish style massage will relax the body and calm the mind. This detoxifying massage increases blood flow and improves circulation. Essential oils create a truly enjoyable experience.

Full body - 1 hour     $90
Back -  30 minutes     $60