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Cosmeceuticals and your skin health

As consumers increasingly look toward cost-effective noninvasive methods to improve the appearance of their skin, ‘cosmeceuticals’ is one word we are hearing more and more.  But what are cosmeceuticals, what products are they in, and how do they benefit our skin?

Wrinkles, altered pigmentation, loss of skin tone... All these changes are associated with skin aging. Genetically-programmed skin changes as well as those caused by environmental wear and tear have us constantly on the search for skin care products that will reduce or eliminate these signs.

According to Dermalogica, cosmeceuticals are the potent active ingredients that change the structure and functions of the skin: 'a cosmeceutical product by definition is a cosmetic product in which the active ingAbout-Wild-Child-Cosmeceuticalsredient is meant to have a beneficial physiological effect due to an enhanced pharmacological action when compared with an inert cosmetic.' Cosmeceuticals are known to have special effect ingredients as they help to radically improve the appearance of the skin. The term refers to beauty and skincare products that combine cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are applied topically in the form of creams, moisturizers and exfoliants and have become popular in the anti-aging, sunscreen and skincare industry

For example, recent studies have shown  cosmeceuticals that contain ingredients such as anti-oxidants, including vitamins such as Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Tocopherol (Vitamin E) are critical for use with sunscreens to protect skin from oxidative stress which is a major cause of degenerative disorders including aging and disease.

Other ingredients care for and repair the skin with properties such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), and retinol/vitamin A and it's derivatives are recommended for reversing the signs of photoaging.

In short, cosmeceuticals offer plenty of beneficial ingredients without intensely medicated formulations or a doctor’s prescription. Instead of focusing on treating the manifestations of aging (wrinkles hyper pigmentation, loss of elasticity etc) cosmeceuticals make an impact on the biochemical reactions that lead to these changes.

What is the difference between manual and chemical exfoliation?

Reversing the aging process and achieving luminous skin is priority number one for many of us when we think about skin care and the skin care products we purchase. Regular exfoliation is an important part of maintaining skin health. It also improves the benefits from skin care products such as moisturiser, which are able to better penetrate the skin after exfoliation clears away the dead skin cells.

Generally speaking, exfoliation refers to any technique that removes cells from the skin surface, not only immediately “refreshing” the skins appearance but also stimulating cell renewal. The benefits are dramatic, and, when used with professional guidance, exfoliation can treat a wide variety of skin problems. These include acne, hyper-pigmentation, premature aging and scarring to name a few. Exfoliation is also important for those with oily skin. In addition to smoothing, improving skin tone and enhancing skin’s receptiveness of oil-controlling ingredients, exfoliation helps rid oily skin of dulling skin cells to help keep skin clear. Learn more about the benefits of exfoliation from Dermalogica here.

There are two ways to exfoliate; manually and chemically.

Manual exfoliation involves using mildy abrasive tools like exfoliating wash gloves or sponges as well as exfoliating products like grainy scrubs.  Manual exfoliants loosens and reduces the outer skin cells. Scrubs and tools use mechanical frictions to help shed skin cells. One draw back of this method of exfoliation is the risk of irritation, and excessive abrasion of the skin can cause damage, especially if you have sensitive skin.

 Chemical exfoliation means using acid-rich or enzyme-based products to help gently exfoliate your skin. They work by dissolving the bonds between the skin cells to stimulate the shedding process. By making it easier for the cells to slough off, new skin is revealed, brighter and smoother than before.

Exfoliation delivers a tighter, firmer, smoother look and feel of skin. Because of this result, many fall into the trap of over-exfoliation: an over-zealous approach that can actually reduce skin’s vitality and make it more susceptible to damage from UV light. It is recommended that a skin specialist prescribe your exfoliation products and routine to best maximise the effects, and treat any skin problems.

Did you know that Liquid Hair has a new on-line store, where we retail all our salon-only products for pick-up or delivery by mail. We are an authorised Dermalogica stockist.

Buying beauty products on on-line is a fast and easy way to keep up to date with all your skin care needs. However, you also run the risk of counterfeit, out-of-date or grey-market products if you purchase something from an unauthorised online stockist. Fake products mean the ingredients may not be what they say they are, and you will put yourself at risk of adverse reactions to a incorrect balance of active ingredients. Not only do these products fail to meet saftey standards and essential guideline, they could contain toxic ingredients. And this means you are placing yourself and your health in danger by using them. Buying from a trusted retailer is the only

The only way you can be certain of the authenticity of the goods you are purchasing. Remember if an online deal appears to good to be true, it probably is.

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Visit our online store here for Dermalogica products at unbelievable prices. Plus we have our full range of hair care available too.



Dermalogica and Liquid Hair: skin savvy!

Liquid Hair recently held it's second Dermalogica 'Skin Savvy' event in the salon. The interactive workshop was hosted by a Dermalogica specialist from Sydney together with the Liquid Hair team, and provided the evenings' guests with an opportunity to expand their knowledge of skin health.


After arriving to champagne and fabulous food (provided by Argo on The Square), the workshoppers got down to business, asking skin care questions, and experiencing the Dermalogica products in a personalised face-mapping session.


The workshops provide a great way learn about common skins concerns and how best to treat them, and also how to make the most of the Dermalogica range of products through correct application methods.


We can't wait for the next one - keep your eye out for information on dates and times! See you there...