A bright idea…

Ok, so the days are getting longer, and our little corner of the world is slowly turning those much anticipated few degrees closer to the sun… Spring is only a few more sleeps away now, and those tantalizing warm rays of sunlight are making everyone feel more lively as the dreariness of winter starts to lift.

That can only mean one thing: new-season makeover time is here!

Of course Liquid Girl is up to date with all the directional cuts and colours for spring/summer – but exactly what are the looks that are making a statement for the upcoming seasons? Here’s the lowdown on ways to keep your style looking fresh and current…

The Pixie

The pixie cut is a short hairstyle with texture in the upper layers that should ideally be slightly messy, which is good news - this look does not require much fussing with products and styling! It will mean however, that you will need to come in to visit the salon a little more frequently to refresh your sexy crop, and maintain the shape of the cut.

The Bob.

The bob cut is back for summer style, and this season there are a couple of different variations to try. You could do a short, smooth bob cut with an eyebrow skimming fringe and bare neck – the clean lines of this cut really make an impact. Or try a longer, slightly messy style with volume and movement. This more intermediate length looks fresh, and is perfect for the eclectic, bohemian summer dresses and accessories.

The Fringe.

It seems like the fringe never leaves the hair fashion radar! It’s back again this summer. Try one that is cut long and to the side, or go for a statement full fringe that falls right on the eyebrow. A great way to add a touch of femininity and fun to your cut – a fringe suits just about every length of hair.


The Long Hairstyle

Long Hair always looks great – and this summer it’s the longer the better! The main advantage to a long style is that you can change the look each time if you want. Add some layers to give natural volume. Loose braids, pony tails and effortless-looking, tousled up-styles are perfect for keeping those long locks under control in the summer months, and are being seen in just about every editorial shoot in the latest fashion journals all over the world. Think bohemian and slightly disheveled. The middle part is still a hot look - just remember to be little wild with your long hair: voluminous and messy – the smoothed down styles of the past couple of years has been all ruffled up!

Set your style dial to bright if you dare when you talk to your stylist about a new shade for your ‘do… Think Rihanna red, or Lady Gaga blonde if you want make a hair statement that pops. Or maybe try some warm, natural tones with honey-coloured highlights to compliment your haute hippie summer styling… And last but not least, don’t forget to accessorise your summer hairstyle with some ribbons or tapes, or even flowers.

Fight The Fade

Ever wonder why permanent colour fades out of your hair? Ok, here is the basic scientific explanation....The outside of your hair known as the cuticle is made up of what resembles fish scales. When you have a permanent colour the chemical reaction between the colour and the peroxide mixed together open the cuticle up. This allows the colour to penetrate and be locked inside the hair when the colour is rinsed and conditioner is used. Repetitive application of permanent colour to the ends of your hair, opens and closes the cuticle over and over again, however, each time this happens the cuticle never quite closes as tight as the last.
A semi permanent colour doesn't open the cuticle, it wedges itself in between the scales, this is why At Liquid Hair we choose to colour balance the ends of your hair with a semi permanent colour, rather than repetitively opening and closing the hair. then we can ensure that the surface of the hair stays as smooth as possible promoting healthier hair that has an incredible shine. In a nut shell, the tighter you keep the cuticle of your hair shut, the longer the colour will last and the shinier your hair will look.
There are also other factors that contribute to the fade factor, another worth mentioning is the actual size of the colour pigments. Black is the largest of the colour molecules and red is the smallest, this is why when you've had black you find it hard to go back! And of course the opposite with red hair, it is the quickest to slip out in between those fish scales that are not closed right up.
What can we do about this problem? Well for a start, every colour at Liquid Hair receives a complimentary Vivecap treatment (it's the little bottle we shake into your hair after rinsing the colour) this insures we, in the salon, keep your hair in optimum condition.
We also use Goldwell hair colour because it has a very low amount of ammonia, which is the ingredient int the colour that makes the cuticle open, thus ensuring that we are minimally altering the outside of the hair.
We also recommend the use of KMS colour vitality, a home maintenance program which protects your hair in between visits to the salon from outside influences, such as shampooing, sun exposure, blowdrying and even just combing and brushing.
But you still may ask the question, "why do my ends fade more than the roots." This is purely for the same reason, the cuticle at the ends of your hair is open a lot wider than the cuticle of your hair near the roots where it has a lot less damage. The quick fix to tis are the Revlon colour balls, These groovy looking balls are an intense shot of temporary colour mixed with a three-minute conditioning treatment. Colour balls are a great way of keeping your colour fresh right up until your nest appointment.