Kevin.Murphy Treat.Me

Following the routine of skin care, our signature KEVIN.MURPHY TREAT.ME is a facial for your hair. All completed with a signature KEVIN.MURPHY deep relaxing massage and warm towel wrap.

All intensive treatments are $40.00


In consultation with your stylist, choose from a menu of four treatment types:


  • For hair that is dehydrated, frizzy or chemically treated Add weightless moisture and shine with this treatment that regenerates and restructures. Includes sensory massage


  • For distressed hair that is weak, brittle and damaged Restore strength, thickness and elasticity to hair with this personalized Treatment. Includes sensory massage


  • Stimulate hair growth, rebuild the density and strength of your hair with this treatment that will leave your hair feeling stronger. Includes sensory massage.E FOR BLONDE HAIR THAT IS DULL, LIFKevin-Murphy-ElixirLESS OR YELLOWING
  • Refresh dull blonde or grey tones and improve the brightness, strength, moisture and shine of your hair without weight. Includes sensory massage.

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From Frustrated to Fabulous

kerasilk-benefits-fromto-enAre you feeling frustrated with un-manageble, frizzy and fuzzy hair?  The Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Service could be the answer to your prayers!

The service offers an entirely new and salon exclusive Goldwell Service that transforms hair into hair like silk for up to five months. Say goodbye to untameable hair and hello to softened curls and a more controlled and smoothed hair structure. This service will reduce the everyday styling time significantly and will enable you to simply feel fabulous again.

Using Kerashape Technology, the Treatment Service will create new Keratin bonds in the hair and stabilise the new hair shape. The first smoothing service that is completely customisable to meet the individual need of each client,  the formulation will soften and smooth the hair structure whilst also enhancing body and movement. With no formaldehyde, the product is 100% safe and the treatment lasts for up to five months.

Best of all there are no limitations after the treatment – you can shampoo, colour and tie your hair up on the same day.

The Service is supported by a home care range to maintain the Kerasilk Keratin Treatment effect for lasting results. Using Kerashape Technology and precious silk and keratin proteins, the unique formula of the products transforms unmanageable and damaged hair into smooth soft hair.

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Making a change with hair extensions

Hair Extensions are a fantastic way to update your look for an immediate change,  and if they are cared for correctly can last for months with little damage or no damage to your natural hair. Hair extensions are not only used for length they can be use for thickness, to change the look of your cut or even to add colour when you know your natural hair is not up to the chemical process of the colouring you would like to achieve.

One example of this is the Balayage look, that has been particularly popular over the last eight or so brown-curly-hairyears. Balayage is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It’s a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. The go-to for modern, chic hair, balayage creates depth and dimension, and leaves you with1 a sun-kissed finish. This effect sounds deceptively simple. It can however, take hours in the hair salon to reproduce, and may leave you with left with dry, damaged ends or blotchy colour.

Recently Great length Hair Extensions have released colour blocking or balayage coloured extensions and these are an ideal way to achieve this hair colour without the associated risks. There are 10 colour combinations to choose from, varying from subtle to dramatic, in two different lengths.

We choose to use only Great Lengths 100% human hair extensions as we firmly believe they offer the best quality, ethics and training available. Read more about Great Lengths hair extensions here. Each Great Lengths certified salon has undergone a full training in order to become a stockist of the product. This ensures that there is at least one certified technician in the salon who is expertly trained in precise application techniques, colour blending and advanced cutting. All these skills result in very professional, natural looking results.

Book for a complimentary Hair Extension consultation do discuss a new look! Call customer service on 82319185.


Pony Tales!

Pony tails are making a come-back in 2011 (did they every go away?), Liquid Girl is loving the versatility of this favourite style. Loose, up high, barely there... So many ways to play. Pony tales are a classic, and easy way to up date your look... or save you from a bad hair day! Love the 70s vibe of this feather accessory!

The ponytail was the backstage hairstyle of choice at many 2011 shows. Celebrity stylist Guido Palau can be credited with many if its newfangled iterations, including the "dominatrix," which he showed at Marc Jacobs, left, and in Paris at Emanuel Ungaro and Louis Vuitton... So hot!

Long, wavy styles have been the look of choice the red carpet runway for what seems like forever, but lately, ponytails have been popping up on stars like Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively. True Grit upstart Hailee Steinfeld made a big impression at the Golden Globes this January when she sported this  high, super-sleek pony look.

Middle parts and supremely loose, low-slung ponies with more hair hanging out of the elastic than in it: sexy, relaxed street style.

Somewhere in between girl and woman: Mattel's first Barbie doll, came styled with what was to become her iconic look: a bouncy blonde ponytail and fringe.

Don't know about you, but Liquid Girl will be wearing a high, sexy and sleek pony tail out this weekend!

Fight The Fade

Ever wonder why permanent colour fades out of your hair? Ok, here is the basic scientific explanation....The outside of your hair known as the cuticle is made up of what resembles fish scales. When you have a permanent colour the chemical reaction between the colour and the peroxide mixed together open the cuticle up. This allows the colour to penetrate and be locked inside the hair when the colour is rinsed and conditioner is used. Repetitive application of permanent colour to the ends of your hair, opens and closes the cuticle over and over again, however, each time this happens the cuticle never quite closes as tight as the last.
A semi permanent colour doesn't open the cuticle, it wedges itself in between the scales, this is why At Liquid Hair we choose to colour balance the ends of your hair with a semi permanent colour, rather than repetitively opening and closing the hair. then we can ensure that the surface of the hair stays as smooth as possible promoting healthier hair that has an incredible shine. In a nut shell, the tighter you keep the cuticle of your hair shut, the longer the colour will last and the shinier your hair will look.
There are also other factors that contribute to the fade factor, another worth mentioning is the actual size of the colour pigments. Black is the largest of the colour molecules and red is the smallest, this is why when you've had black you find it hard to go back! And of course the opposite with red hair, it is the quickest to slip out in between those fish scales that are not closed right up.
What can we do about this problem? Well for a start, every colour at Liquid Hair receives a complimentary Vivecap treatment (it's the little bottle we shake into your hair after rinsing the colour) this insures we, in the salon, keep your hair in optimum condition.
We also use Goldwell hair colour because it has a very low amount of ammonia, which is the ingredient int the colour that makes the cuticle open, thus ensuring that we are minimally altering the outside of the hair.
We also recommend the use of KMS colour vitality, a home maintenance program which protects your hair in between visits to the salon from outside influences, such as shampooing, sun exposure, blowdrying and even just combing and brushing.
But you still may ask the question, "why do my ends fade more than the roots." This is purely for the same reason, the cuticle at the ends of your hair is open a lot wider than the cuticle of your hair near the roots where it has a lot less damage. The quick fix to tis are the Revlon colour balls, These groovy looking balls are an intense shot of temporary colour mixed with a three-minute conditioning treatment. Colour balls are a great way of keeping your colour fresh right up until your nest appointment.